Skeleton - Large multi-piece Halloween decoration

So I kinda love Halloween a lot, but cutting out large complicated things is pretty hard on my hands. I knew one of my very first tests would have to be something like this, but I couldn’t find a file I loved. I took some vector art I made for my flash games a long time ago and spent an evening modifying it to be suitable for this use. It is not realistic and you could definitely pack the pieces tighter. I was just using an old box and wanted to test it as fast as possible, lol :wink:

The skeleton is intended to be cut out of corrugated cardboard, and assembled with glue and a little brown paper tape over joints and elsewhere for strength as needed. I plan to paint this and use a very strong velcro on the joints to stick it together. For a six-foot skelly, scale the image to about 19 inches in the Glowforge. There are three layers, set the box to ignore (it’s for messing with scale), the outline to cut, and the inner lines to score.

The detail on the pieces is just meant to give me a rough idea of what to paint, not really to show up in the final piece. The circles with lines on them (sticking off the joint areas) are added bits to make sure I have room for the velcro, though you could remove them if you are going to use the pieces in another way.

You should be able to assemble it from the graphic I have added. The upper leg bone is two pieces because I wanted a six-foot skeleton. The only weird bit of assembly is that the collar bones should slide over the ribs while the shoulder blades go in behind, there are markings to show it’s lined up so you can glue it. Because of that, you can’t make this out of wood without altering the file. This was just the easiest solution to get the scale I wanted out of the Glowforge and its fine for paper and cardboard.

Ooops, sorry! The skull was missing in the zip file, I have added it.

Skeleton (1.6 MB)


He (she?) is magnificent.

I shall definitely be making one (or several) of those for halloween.

If I made it out of draftboard will I need to make any changes?


Thank you for sharing this file which I am sure will be used a lot for Halloween.


Great skeleton! Thanks for the scare - uh, share.


Awesome! Now I can’t wait for Halloween. Thanks!


Oh, awesome! I’ve been planning on making skeletons too! Thanks for sharing!!


Oh very cool! We just got some new neighbors across the street with a young boy…this will be great for Halloween. :smile:


This is Just Great. I will also be making 1 or more of these for Halloween . Thanks for the files.


Very nice–my favorite Halloween decoration, too! And you offered it up early enough that I might actually get at least one done for this year! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, You will want to recombine the shoulder blade pieces with the rib cage and break it into two in a different way. Or, recombine them and then print the skeleton a bit smaller so that piece can fit on one piece of board :slight_smile:


Thank you! This is very fun!
Our paper one is getting on in years, and might be the perfect replacement.


I tried to make this but it seems to be missing the skull. Looks like file 1 and 3 are the same file. Outside of that it’s a great design.

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Crud, that’s weird. I must have messed them up when naming them. I will fix it.

Oh wow - I’m going to do a giant passthrough skeleton next halloween!