Sketchbook Pencil Holder


I like to use a notebook to sketch out ideas before moving to production, but my pencils never seem to be with it (kids! :roll_eyes:) when I need them. Glowforge to the rescue!

It’s a sheet of maple plywood, cut to hold the pencils. A strap of elastic weaves in and out of the wood to hold them in place. Nothing too fancy, but the idea might be useful to someone.

Here’s the top:

I cut it from the bottom and engraved (three passes) a relief for the elastic, so that the whole thing could be glued onto the cover of my sketchbook. The elastic is glued on both ends with E6000, and then the board is glued inside the cover. I had to sacrifice a few pages to make room when it was closed, but definitely worth it.


That is really nice. Something like that in a nice book for my daughter who loves to journal would be ideal. Nice work!


Neat idea! And marvelously implemented.


Love how this simple design comes out looking so clean and polished :slight_smile:


Neat idea! :grinning:


Perfect solution an age-old problem. Nice work.


Impressive attention to detail. Luckily, with a Glowforge, you can make decoy pencils for your kids!




Such an efficient solution to a problem. :glowforge: to the rescue!




I love this! I’m a notorious sketchbook hoarder and pencil misplacer, so this is extremely relevant to my interests! Nice work!


Bloody brilliant! I am totally poaching that concept!


that is really useful.