Slacker Coast Slate Coasters


Cheap slate coasters from Amazon. I would like to find a good supplier of larger sheets of slate. I really like the contrast, didn’t notice smell or smoke, and it doesn’t warp in storage.

This one is going to a friend, who will no doubt call it art, display it on the shelf, and continue to not use coasters.


I dunno, you might make an impression with that _ _ _ _ _ _ g message.


See…I knew you could do something cool with slate! :smile:


Finally! I have a decent place for my cups.


They have a couple larger pieces to choose from.


I’ve been using these cheese boards. Haven’t found much larger that are either the right size and/or cost effective. I posted this in another thread, but this is the only one that I’ve made so far.

I found these on Amazon. They come out to only $3.66 each. Not too bad.


Out of likes … You’re probably right … he will consider it art!

It’s fun watching you laser all things! Keep it going!


Hah! I love the ugly sweater coaster!


I use those too. They’re decent sized and cheap enough that the testing to get good slate results isn’t wallet-painful :slight_smile:

I’ve actually used both sides to test - just flip it over and peel off the little rubber feet (when doing a full piece engrave).


It engraves SO well! Good to know it does not give off much smell.


I may not be as sensitive as some other folks. I love the smell that the woods give off when I pull them from the :glowforge: after lasering. Cloth not so much. I noticed zero post-op smell from the slate (nor from the anodized aluminum, for that matter).


Ceramic tile doesnt have any smell either… not even when you pump enough power to melt and bubble the glaze.


I would look up slate roofers as well as floor tile suppliers. And to get the nice broken beveled edge, look into getting a slate cutter. Those would be my suggestions. :smiley:


A few years back I worked for Lowes and I’ll be frequently checking their floor tiles for clearance items.


Ya…I did that, too. I have the test one with a 3x5 card taped to it with the settings on it. Looks a bit primitive, but it works. The one that’s pictured here in this thread was made to donate to a Casino night ‘basket’ to raise funds for the Senior Center. As you said, easy on the wallet.