Slate Charcuterie board

After playing with a few sets of 4x4 slate tiles, I went a little bigger to roughly 8x12 to make this slate cheeseboard / charcuterie board. This was just the first design I could think of lol, but I’m hoping to get some orders for custom boards soon!


Turned out great, things look nice and sharp!

(No love for beef or chicken heads? How about oxtail soup? Glue from the hooves? So much waste.)


I’ll make another with just random bits from different animals lol


Looks good!

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Thanks. I am really enjoying working with slate. I love the way it has a high contrast if you spray the piece first and let it dry before engraving.

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That looks great!

What are you spraying it with? And how do they look after washing them a few times?


Hey, thanks! I just spray them with some semi-gloss spray lacquer. Honestly, this one hasn’t been used lol, it was the first one I made to try to get some attention on my Facebook business page lol.

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