Slate Coaster Shellac Alternatives

So I’ve been researching engraving on slate and now have a decent bundle of coasters to run through the glowforge. My problem now? The shellac spray that others have suggested is being discontinued and is basically impossible for me to get (I also live in Canada BTW). So as the title states, what other alternatives are there? I’m trying to stick to aerosols for ease of application and time saving. What else do you gurus recommend?


Any shellac will work. Does the store you’re at have any other types?


You can also use Dupli-Color Acrylic Crystal Clear 12 oz. I have tried this one and did the mug heat test on it and it seem to work. It also did not yellow or knick. But you do need to let it dry completely.
Also a friend of mine swears by Watco Crystal Clear Lacquer (Gloss). Never used it though but, I do have a few of her tile coasters and they have held up well.


Is it just the spray version of shellac that is getting discontinued? No doubt shellac has amazing results. I use the spray a lot because its nice and easy but I also use the can of shellac that you have to paint on. This is the results from painting on the shellac:

As for another option, here is the results of using mod podge:

Shellac always looks so much better. This is the non spray version I use:


I believe it’s just the spray version that’s being discontinued. I can’t argue with the results of the paint on version. I may just have to bite the bullet and use that, your coasters look very good!