Slate Grave Marker Redux


Some of you may remember my epic fail of a week ago when I made a slate cheese plate personalized with the family names, and my wife viewed it as a grave marker. This afternoon, I got a chance to engrave on the flip side. Grave marker? Sure!

It’s now a sushi plate.


Oh man, that’s kind of depressing. I’ll never eat fish again. :smile:
(Actually, since I’m not wild about it anyway, it’s not that big a deal.)


Ha! You’ve got a quirky sense of humor…


Thanks fishy. Your sacrifice will be remembered.


morbid humor


Just be careful which side is up when serving :yum:. :sushi:


LOL That’s funny… Although, I do miss eating meat… having allergies is annoying.


I’m glad you only eat boy fish leaving the girls ones to make more delicious sushi. :wink: