Slats for days


I got out my hammer, and was all set to give it some tapping, and I had a thought ‘this is 1/8" wood, one wrong whack and that’s that’, and put it away. Sounds like I dodged a bullet. :slight_smile:


Great job! Looks awesome! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Missed that. Skimming posts instead of actually reading them is a bad habit of mine.


Can’t figure out what impresses me more about your work. Your creativity, your productivity, or your generosity in documenting your projects. Thanks again.


You keep inspiring me!


Often when you post, it really makes me want to go to Fusion 360 and model something based on your post. Here’s what I came up with this time:

It’s using the same slat techique, but with rounded slats that have this shape:

Thanks again for the inspiration!


That’s wicked. Plywood?


Well, it’s just a rendering.

I used “cherry” on the sides, and “bamboo” on the tops of the model to give them different shades.

If I do cut it, I’ll probably use Baltic Birch plywood to test it out. I have to find 1/4" dowels as well.


Oh snap, nice render, I should have looked more closely. What render engine is it using? Is there a built in rendered in f360?


Yes, there’s a built in render engine in Fusion 360, and it works really nicely.