Slide Top Box

Made some slide top boxes for orders. I will tweak the engraving designs and settings a bit. These were a little deeper than I would like and the design needs to be simplified in some areas.

These were made with Columbia Forest Products Birch Plywood. If you purchase this, it cuts great and I have had no patches. It also looks great. The problem is, I ordered both the 1.4" & the 5/32" and both came as .19" (5mm). I stupidly didn’t check the thickness before I made the first box (pattern was for 1/4"). After updating the pattern for the 5mm thickness, it worked great. I will continue to purchase this brand as the quality is great, I just wish the thickness was what is posted.


Those turned out great!!


Nice Alice in Wonderland engraving! Looks great!


Love the engravings!

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Cool designs! NIce concept!

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Oh my! I love Alice in Wonderland and those boxes are fabulous!

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great engravings. love me some Alice.

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