Sliding door cabinet for remodeled bathroom

I recently tore my bathroom apart to make it feel less claustrophobic. I demoed the closet, door frame, and a weird “box” built into the ceiling. The box was concealing a pipe that stuck out of the wall. I wanted to make better use of that space, so after the demo, I built in this sliding-door cabinet at an angle to cover the gaps in the ceiling and keep the room feeling open. To make the doors more interesting, I cut a pattern in them that matched the new hexagonal tub tile.



I’ve been surprised I haven’t seen more people making doors (although there have been a few). Looks great!


What a nice looking job!

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How clever! It looks fantastic!

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Nice! how did you accomplish the tracks for the doors? I need a solution like that for behind my bar.

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Great job! It’s a cool pattern on the doors.

I like that you have that huge clock in the tiny bathroom. Nice scale contrast!

I love, love, love it when someone creates something practical with the Glowforge!! The cabinet doors are sweet! Thanks for sharing this.

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