Sliding door seal

Hey everyone the only place I can vent out my glowforge is a sliding door which is approximately 230cm tall. I am having a hard time to find a product that seals it well. I bought a plastic seal that seals it for 210cm and the rest of the 20cm is like a cardboard thing that I extended. Does anyone have a better solution for me? I cannot find a product that fits my door!

Consider a length of foam pipe insulation, slit in half and stuffed in the crack.


You might try an 8’ x 4’ x 2" pink insulation board. You can trim it to fit fairly well in the slots by shaving it off with a utility knife. Get some general purpose spray adhesive and some fabric that fits the room decor and that make it fit in well. Easy to cut a hole it in the correct size. Use a large tomato can. Don’t even need to sharpen the edge with a file if you just keep pressing and twisting to cut the hole for the hose.

You could even cut a hinge spot in and reinforce it soo that you can take it down and fold it on itself. Or just make three equal size pieces that stack on each other and fit in the door jamb. Usually the rails at top and bottom can accommodate something like this and with the door tight against it, the insulation will stay put.


Works great, insulates, and is quite cheap. I use it for my casement window solution. Bonus, the pink color harmonizes with any decor.


I like this idea. I have a 40+ inch sliding window, and I used plywood for it around the edges I stapled rubber door sealer. When I put it in, I put a bar to the side to hold it shut tight and I get zero leakage. I also have toggles at various places if I want to leave it in (I don’t, but I can). I may try it with the foambecause it would be so much lighter. I can reinforce with thin plywood where I mount the fan. I’m liking this idea.


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