"Sliding Lid Box" SVG Generator (with engraved slots)

@federico and I collaborated on another box generator in Cuttle! This one has a sliding lid:

sliding lid box

The most interesting feature is that you use an Engrave operation to create the slots:

This saves material — it’s no more material than a typical box — and creates a clean look.

You need to engrave the slots to a specific depth (.05 in) so we included our recommended GF settings on the project page.

Like our other box templates, you can fully customize the dimensions and material thickness.

sliding lid box parameters

@federico also made a video tutorial where he covers:

  • Material selection ( we found that MDF core, such as PG Medium, works best for a consistent engrave)
  • How to set the GF settings
  • Tips to quickly clean out the engraved slots
  • Assembly — it’s all press-fit so no glue is required

Here’s the Cuttle template where you can fully customize the dimensions. The template is free for two weeks (until March 21) and then will become a Cuttle premium template.

And here’s the SVG (right click > save as) of the box @federico makes in the video, tuned for PG Medium (0.134 inch material thickness).

Sliding Lid Box - Cut Layout


Very nice! I love the sliding lid!


Very nice! I had looked that up on Cuttle. It’s really progressing.


Forgot to mention, @federico and I had to test a bunch of different engrave settings when designing this project.

So we made this “depth tester” for systematically testing different engrave speeds.

You can customize the depth of the gauge, material (e.g. slot) thickness, and number of test slots on the template.

@federico also shows about how to use it at the end of the Sliding Lid Box tutorial video.

Essentially you engrave each slot with a different speed setting, clean out the slots, and try sliding the depth gauge on each one to see where it “catches”.