Sling shot and Hex Nut Launchers

I am from and remember the good old days when BB guns and slingshots were given to kids as a coming of age present(That and a pocket knife). To the ends of bringing back the excitement of hitting tin cans off of a fence I am sharing this idea. The Slingshot channel is a great resource for how-to guides on making slingshots with layers of beautiful wood. My favorite and something that I will make with a Glowforge(if I don’t make it on my saw at home first) is the Hex Nut Launcher. You can get the pdf’s by becoming a member(Remember it’s just slingshots… they have been around for quite a while.)

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It’s not about what it is, it’s about building it.
One of the things I want to build out of Baltic Birch ply is some type of mini Trebuchet, just to launch stuff.


Mini-trebuchet ketchup applicator. A must have for every dining room!


Spike, here’s a cute little trebuchet I found on Thingverse.

Looks like you forgot to add the link. Were you looking at this one?

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Let us not forget the ballista. Maybe shorter in range, but better accuracy.


Oops! No, this one:

Makes me think of all the toys I used to want to have when I was a kid. I think I had a wooden crossbow at one point in time and this reminds me of it… how cool would it be to make one?!? :smiley: