Slippery tape

I feel like there’s a use for this with Glowforge projects.

I have no idea if it’s laser safe, that’s not what I mean… but we make a lot of boxes and drawers and stuff, this might make things slide more easily in those sorts of projects.


i can definitely think of uses for this. bookmarked for later use.

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I have a roll and had not thought about lasering until just now. It’s safe, the question is does it cut or melt?

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Hard to say. How do you know it’s safe?

But yeah I wasn’t thinking to laser it anyway.

I think it is more likely to melt but if it is rubbing against steel it is more likely that the steel will wear down first. or that is my observation, could make a very interesting cutting board at momentarily cheap pricing for 5" wide material

It’s just the looooong chain polymer of polyethylene. Not a chlorinated plastic.

Tape that doesn’t stick! Awesome! :slight_smile:


Self adhesive teflon (PTFE) tapes are also a thing.



Can’t think of a use now but I bet I will after some ruminating.

Thanks for the link!

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It’s a great way to make a jig or sled slide well.


Can I put it on my shoes and glide across the dance floor or skate down the sidewalk?


If you also cover the sidewalk, I bet so. I take no responsibility for your hospital bills, but definitely take video for youtube.


It’s been something I have wanted to get since Matthias Wandel uses it often for parts that need to slip against each other. I have not found in it the stores and just have not gotten around to ordering it.

So many tapes. wow.

Much wow. Indeed, I have three racks in the lair and another in the shop. Need more. Who would think that there would be so many different types of tape?

I bought a Hallmark card once upon a time. The quote was “Tape me, I’m yours.” and it had a piece of adhesive tape in it. Always think of that card.

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Skates work because they slide in one direction only while they bite in the other 90 degrees, trying to skate with the UMHW tape on your shoes would be a lot like trying to ice-skate on those same shoes.

More to the point if you pulled a wood pallet with some weight on it you would leave a trail of wood particles everywhere you went, while if that wood had a layer of UHMW on the bottom, you would not be grinding that off the bottom.

I wonder if that’s similar to the stuff they use for (computer) mouse feet/skates.


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