Slow Dance slow motion frame



Another really cool project idea. Doesn’t seem incredibly complicated, but the effect is impressive:


Wow, that is really cool! I wonder how it works?


Strobe lights and persistence of vision. There’s a section about it on the Kickstarter page


Another thing to save up for :stuck_out_tongue:


whoa. that’s a cool idea!


That is wild. I would love to see it real life.


Well, after watching that, I’m all mellowed out.


I came here to post this thing! So neat! I suppose it wiggles an object, and then has a strobe light that is out of sync of the wiggle. Much like looking at a tire spinning begins to look as though it is still, or running backwards. I would love to make one of these.


I would like to see what it looks like when the strobe is turned off. High speed disco plants!