Slytherin aesthetic Bookends

I made these bookends from stuff from goodwill. I plan on doing a full blown series on upcycling items from goodwill and making them useful again. Already sold! So it’s going well.
If you want to see the process click here:


I love it when things are given a re-do. They look great.

Agreed. My daughter would love them.

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You seem to be off to a great start.

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Imagine veneer bombing a library that uses this type of bookstands ;p Nice work!


Oh my…as a librarian this gives me all sorts of ideas! I have hundreds of those just begging to be decorated! :laughing:

Excellent work…thanks for sharing!

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From what I saw, that is one great goodwill store. Not all of them have anything worth while. Nice job.

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Certain goodwills are better stocked. I can’t get anything good without at least 30 minutes of mindless browsing.

I actually have a whole bunch of those. I have to admit. I am just going to replace the cork on the bases. they won’t be getting an upgrade… :slight_smile:

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Those are wonderful, Ravenclaw here and jealous of a Slytherin :slight_smile:

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