Small custom gifts for speakers at an event I run

I help run Ignite Seattle (, a quarterly-ish speaker series. 16 speakers get 5 minutes on stage, they get 20 slides, and the slides auto-advance every 15 seconds… with or without them.

It’s a really fun speaker series, we’ve done 35 of these events now, we sell 800 or so tickets per event.

We’re always looking for ways to say “thank you” to our speakers, and since my Glowforge came a week ago… I had an idea.

These are all double sided. One one side is a generic “Ignite Seattle #34 Official Speaker,” and on the other side it has their talk title, name, and the Seattle skyline.

Giving it to the speakers at the event on Thursday - I’m hoping it becomes a conversation starter for them!


I really like the way you personalized the tags! It would have been easy to just do the logos, but going out of your way to make each one unique is awesome. I originally read your post as saying that there were 800 speakers and tried to imagine cutting out and individualizing each (I’m just waking up so I’m a little slower than I should be) :rofl:. Nevertheless, I reread and understood more clearly. Great work!


Nice idea! (And I’m glad to know that sofas are not scary! Chuckle!) :smile:


But they can be possessed. Some friends, way back when furniture was obtained by driving around and seeing what you liked on a curb, had a couch that was possessed. Once you sat on it all energy was drained from your body. It didn’t matter how energized and anxious you were, if you sat on it you weren’t getting up again for hours. I fell prey to it one night when I was badgering them to get moving because I wanted to go out. When they were ready I just waved them out the door - woke up there the next morning. Finally, they couldn’t handle it anymore and it went to the curb. Six, nine, twelve months later a friend was at a house party and said, “hey I think I know that couch.” The guys there said they had picked it up from a curb. Thing is, they said, it just sucks the life out of you when you sit on it.


Wow! I had one like that too…instant nap. Never put it down to possession, but it makes sense. :smile:


I love this idea :slight_smile:


I assume all furniture on the curb is possessed by bed bugs or something similar, which means I leave it on the curb.