Small Framed Mirrors

I teach an early morning seminary class for my church and wanted to give something to each of the kids to help them remember some of the things from the scriptures that we learned.

I engraved on the back of mirrors (from Hobby Lobby), then painted the engrave with a gold paint pen. I made the frame and finger joint stand out of PG Maple ply. The settings on the mirror were SPD 1000/PWR 80.

I am so happy with the quality that the Glowforge produces.


What lovely keepsakes! Very moving idea. :grinning:

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Great gift, will always be remembered.

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Very nice! I’m liking that layered frame as well.

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Great work! Lovely! Well done.

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Beautiful, and so thoughtful!

Thanks for the settings. ALWAYS watching you / guilt trip a little creepy but good for other projects

Thanks for the settings! I just used them to do a back-etching of some fanart for a friend, and it came out wonderfully. I’m using basic mirrors from Ikea, and it works just as well. After experimentation, it looks like this works best with designs that have thicker lines; a piece with a lot of subtle dots worked beautifully when backlit but was almost invisible when viewed directly with any kind of non-glowing background.

Awesome. Glad it worked for your project!

Did you mask the back or just engrave?

I did not mask the back. It came out very clean.

Very nice!! Great idea!