Small Holes Cutting Guide (used to size holes for toothpick axles)


This is my small holes guide that I use to size holes for toothpick axles for gear arrays and such.

The sizes are the hole sizes base on circle diameter in Inkscape, not the actual cut hole hole sizes. Using this guide I can test toothpicks and quickly decide what the best sized hole to use for a tight or loose fit AND size toothpicks to make sure they actually are a tight and loose fit.

I’m hoping this might help anyone else using toothpicks as their axles on projects :slight_smile:



What a great idea! :grinning:


Working smarter for sure! Thanks for the template :+1:


Thank you for the file.


Yes, very good idea!


Hey, thanks for that! Should come in handy.


Very handy ‘go-no go’ reference. Great idea, thanks!


This is one of those things I didn’t realize I needed until it was in front of me. Nice solution!


Thanks so much!


On a side note, is there an easy way in Inkscape to create this ‘stroked’ text? I know ‘Object to path’ but that essentially outlines both sides of a letter; whereas these letters/numbers are an actual single path set with a stroke. Hopefully the attached picture gives you a better idea of what I mean - I just tossed a random O in there to show the double path I’m trying to avoid.


You’re looking for Single Stroke fonts. That’s not the way fonts are generally created, BUT…you’re in luck, because Inkscape has a Hershey Text extension that is filled with various single stroke fonts.

Those will be scored instead of engraved. (Saves a lot of time.)


Thanks @Jules - exactly what I mean. This was one of those times where I needed the magic phrase “single stroke font” to research further.


There aren’t many free ones. I did some testing and a write up on it a while back:


The text above is the Hershey text renderer for Inkscape as Jules pointed out. I use it a lot, it’s a tiny bit of a pain to use, but works great and is much, much faster to laser than a raster engrave.