Small pewter castings and boxes

I don’t post much but read a lot. Thought I’d share this project… I use my glowforge for many things but a major one is making acrylic masters for delft clay sand casting with pewter and bronze. These compass rose pendants were made that way (and then cleaned up, blackened, and tumbled). I cut the custom boxes out of card stock with the laser and also cut the wrapping stickers out of paper based sticker sheets (I think?).


Beautiful product and packaging.

That’s great!

I’ve looked into making molds for pewter. Your way is far superior to what I was thinking I’d do. Looks downright amazing!

Excellent! Using it for casting is something we haven’t seen much of yet, but great results so far! :grinning:

Wow, amazing! I’d love to see a closeup, but from here it looks very detailed.