Small vector scoring bug


but then it should be happening on both sides of the rectangle (even Adobe presumably knows that rectangles have parallel sides - although you never know…)


I’m wondering if the material didn’t shift during the cut, possibly due to the air assist or vibration. It would also explain the overlap.


It’s possible, although that’s a hefty sheet of plywood (it’s an almost full sheet of maple proof grade ply)


Looking at one of your photos above, I don’t think my theory is correct. The piece shifting wouldn’t explain the inner score and outer cut skipping like that. I’d expect to see one stay straight, and the other take a jog, unless there was some interaction between the head and the workpiece that would cause the piece to shift whenever the head swung by.


5 days, if the next Windows Update schedule holds! :slight_smile:

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I’d like to take a look at the file…can you shoot me a copy in a PM?

(That does look like a jog in path that shouldn’t be happening.)


Scoring overlap is an issue. Don’t use it much for that. In my Processing script Spirograph drawing that is LED kit, you can see how it creates an artifact in the print that adds another circle in the design with the accumulated overlaps.

No node in the path line at that point? Nothing on the rails? Interesting


The Windows 10 Creator edition is available now:

Now it is free to those on Windows 10, but this time around, Microsoft is not as pushy. Those with Windows 10 Home will experience updating over the next couple of months.

Those with Windows 10 (Pro ?) can delay the update with the “Defer feature” switch on.

Biggest issue right now is that those with Intel Atom processors are being held back from the automatic update and those with the Logitech BRIO webcams will need to download drivers from Logitech.


Well you don’t even need to go to that page… there has been a link to it right in Windows Update for the last few weeks.

If you’re going to do it, make sure your MS Office is also patched… because I swear to God, the Office and Windows OS teams are on completely different planets/schedules. Wouldn’t be the first time either Office has died from an OS update, or the OS has had issues because Office wasn’t updated first. :rage:


I’d be happy to look at the file as well.

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Any chance this is an autofocus issue?

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