Smart bag for a mom

No, not the kind of bag with Bluetooth tracking or anything. It’s what my wife calls a “smart” bag - cute, unique, small and trendy. She has dozens.

Made her this one for Mother’s Day. It’s laser cut Baltic Birch with a living hinge design, engraved puppy dog prints and brass accents. I lined it with laser cut embossed felt and did a hand rubbed Danish Oil finish. Engraved her name on the bottom too. Took an hour & a qtr to cut out of a single sheet of plywood.


That looks great! I like the paw-print heart around the clasp.

So, is this classically embossed felt that you cut to fit using a laser? or is this an emboss-look done using a laser?


The felt came pre-embossed. I just cut it to fit the panels with the laser (it fits inside the finger joint areas so you don’t want to just cut the felt out with the same pattern as the wood). I glued it using a 3M spray adhesive.

I split the paw print heart across the two pieces including right through one paw print to give it a bit more detail. The walking dog track actually goes under the bag on the bottom panel where the personalization engraving is done. Only downside there is that they don’t continue on the finger joints where it’s the cut edge :disappointed:


Wow, it’s great! It’s very smart, indeed!

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Oh, very nice indeed! The embossed felt is a nice touch too!

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This is lovely!

It’s Fantastic…now go ahead and make yerself a treasure chest matey…yaaaaarrrrgh…ye deserves ones too…aaaaaarggh !

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Amazing work.

I know this has been here for a long time, but I just found it so I want to say, “wow.” that is excellent work.

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Wow this is impressive.

That’s beautiful