Smoke Front door

Hello everyone! We are using a dryer vent type of vent for the GF, it vents directly outside. It is new just for the GF. The length of the hose is 4 feet. All looks clean to me but smoke is coming out the front door, lots of it. I think it might be the little door that the wall vent has… maybe the air flow is not enough to open that little door on the wall vent? Should I prop it open?

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Click on the three dots in the Glowforge interface and make sure the air filter toggle is off.


It does sound like the air flow is being blocked. You should be able to run a job and go outside and see if the door is open and feel the air blowing. Make a complicated shape and set it to cut at low speed and 1 power just to run the fan for a while.

No, no… Don’t do that.

(Look closer. There’s no external fan, just the internal one. If they turn THAT off it won’t vent ANYTHING…)

I’d bet it’s the dryer vent flap. The internal fan is doing all it can to push the smoke out, but it isn’t really designed to have enough pressure to open a flap as well.

Most people who vent like that add an external fan. THEN you can turn off the internal one. But not before.

One other thing - don’t prop the flap open. I mean, you CAN, but you’ll need to close it after every job. When the unit isn’t running, outside air & humidity (as well as bugs and things) can get into your machine and really mess things up.

(Search the forum for “blast gate”)

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Air filter toggle off = internal fan on, so yes you DO want to do that if one is venting outside without an external inline fan.


Oops… I stand corrected.

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Thank you all! The air filter toggle is off. I did not have the opportunity to go outside to check if there was smoke coming out, but I will try tomorrow. If the flap is the problem then an external fan should help right? Thank you!

Mine pushes the vent open no problem with even more distance to go through than yours, hope you have solved this now but thought it was worth mentioning just in case.

thank you. The issue is not yet resolved. I will try and look if there is smoke coming out from outside…

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There is an air intake on the front right underside - make sure it’s not blocked.
Your fans look clean so unless there is somehow a big dust bunny in your hose that shouldn’t be the issue…

Thank you everyone! I just noticed that the vent flap is backwards. I propped it open with tape for a test and no smoke inside the room!!! I will have to buy the one with the little door and take of the flap… I think …