Smokey Hill 0.01" Clear Flex

I’m trying to cut a piece of Smokey Hill Clear Flex.
It’s a piece of acrylic that’s 0.01" thick.
My settings are 165 speed and 40 power. It’s cutting out but has rough edges and burn marks. Has anyone cut this product before and had nice clean smooth edges?

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I cut at 500/65. I believe there are other suggested settings on their webpage.


Welcome @shennessey to the forum.
I am not familiar with clear flex, but 0.01" is really thin, almost a film, and your comment of rough edges and burn marks are usually indication of excessive heat applied. I would suggest you try to increase the speed and reduce the power.

A good trick is to make control tests on your material to dial in the optimal settings before you commit to your project.

I would make a test pattern of 5 parallel lines and cut all at a fixed speed of 300, changing the power from 10 to 50 of each succesive line in increments of 10.
Then a second set of parallel lines at 400 speed with the same power increments, then another at 500 speed, etc.
This will reveal to you the speed/power combination that is just enough to cut the material, without burning it.

I look forward to the results of your testing, so that the rest of us may benefit from your research.


Their webpage suggests 300/30-40.