Smokey Hill Design 1/8 MDF Settings?

Has anyone used 1/8 MDF from Smokey Hill Design, if so what setting did you use? I used Med draft board proofgrade. It came out but did not cut all the way through…:frowning:


Medium draftboard works perfectly for me. Clean your optics and make sure the material is pinned down flat to the honeycomb tray.


I did pin it but will clean again. I have only used my glowforge 5-6 times small projects, just learning how to use it. Thank you for your help! Any chance you can tell me how to get the camera to line up, I ran the test and they did not line up on the right-side but I just don’t print on that side…crazy I know.

Your title says 1/4" but your post says 1/8". Which is it?

Are you using the set focus tool before placing your material?

The camera focuses on the center of the area directly underneath the camera unless you use Set Focus to re-aim it.
Also, if you haven’t, do the Camera Calibration - most folks get sub-millimeter accuracy after running that…but you need to understand Set Focus before that’ll work!


Check out #6:


If you are using 1/4 inch MDF, try heavy draftboard settings.

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Smokey Hill has a list of settings for GF that correspond to their material. Check on their site. If they don’t work, you’ll want to calibrate, clean, etc.


dklgood , your right I did miss type. It is 1/8 MDF.

Thank you I am still learning it all. I did the camera calibration when I got it and the right side was off by 1/2. The only thing I saw to try and fix it was to clean all the cameras which I did and the mirror. Mind you I had only used it to make the free measure tool at the time, so I don’t think it could be that dirty… but I don’t know. I just don’t set anything on the right side to cut right now.

Did you use Set Focus correctly?

If yes then you need to open a Problems & Support thread and post all the pictures as well as the time you ran the calibration. Even straight from the factory only 1/4" variance is acceptable.