Smokin' Cocktails!

I saw a Cocktail Smoker a few weeks ago and they wanted $45 for it!

“I can make my own,” I said to myself.

And so I did!

I used a 3" mesh drain catcher for the chip well and I couldn’t be happier with it.

As a lover of fine Bourbon (any whiskey, really) this little gadget just makes the experience all the better. It was super easy to make and, I have to admit, I’ve had a really good time testing it out!


I like this! I purchased a cheaper version of “the smoking gun” from Amazon which I use and think it is a pretty awesome tool.

That was also before we had the crème brûlée torch.


Well, I’ve never tried a smoky drink but this gadget is super easy to create so I may just have to try it sometime.
BTW yours looks as good as those on Amazon for upwards of $36cdn.


Y’know, a few days ago I was laughing at a running gag in one of Troy the Maker’s videos where he says “I’m not buying this… I can make this!” and thinking “Yeah, that’s me.”

And it looks like he spoke a wider truth than I thought! Great work.


@reddfawks That’s me too! That’s how I ended up designing a pea whistle, a golf tee holder and one of those candle-powered Christmas table ornaments. I love the challenge!


Might even be able to repurpose it for food some how. Smoky ribs, smoky steak…yum


Hi, I’m designing a smoker for my husband for Father’s Day, what kind of wood did you use? I’m wondering if I shouldn’t use one with mdf?

Thanks! Love this


YMMV, but I’d stay far away from using mdf or plywood, as you just don’t know what’s in the adhesives. Stick with hardwoods to eliminate any issues. Just my $0.02 worth…


I used birch plywood for my prototype. It works. But @dwardio makes a good point about using hardwood. I am using maple for the ones I make as gifts.


Where are you getting you maple?

I didn’t your design from earlier…I like that. I might need to tweek mine with a some inspiration from yours. My husband is LOVING it. Me, not so much…I’m not a whiskey or smoked person. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure exactly. What I have was given to me by a friend. I don’t know where he got it. Trotec, maybe?

Whiskey, let alone smoked whiskey, isn’t everybody’s cup of tea–so to speak! I’ve been enjoying mine very much.

Nice! How many layers is it? Is there some place to buy an svg? Or would you share a few details do I can make my own? Thanks!

It’s in the Catalog.


What glue do you use? Is it safe food safe if it gets heated or scorched? Also, is there a finish on it? Same question for that if there a finish.