My daughter and I created a Snail Diorama for school. We had some extra shells laying around…so I lasered some bodies and we glued them together and it needed a sign. She is in kindergarten…my husband thinks we went a little overboard.


Glowforge parents appear to be raising the bar for kids around the country! :smile:
(Looks great and I love the font treatment.)


Love it! Your husband is entitled to his own opinion.


Pretty soon there will be rules against using lasers to do school projects because it’s unfair to the kids who don’t have lasers.


That is the cutest!

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Awwwww, adorable! Very innovative thinking, to make bodies for your shells. I like them so much better than the slimy kind.

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I’m terrified of all creatures great and small, but even I have to admit that’s cute.


A laser in every classroom!


I remember arguments with my parents (we had an encyclopedia set), then calculators and with my kids it was PCs and then the whole Internet thing.

Always the same argument. Gets tedious with the whole lowest common denominator view if “fair” and the corresponding regression toward the mean it results in. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Very very fun! It is fun to go a little over the top. This is just excellent!


Totally not overboard. It’s delightful!! :smiley:

Is it overboard for a Kindergarten project? Uhm, yeah. Is it AMAZING? YES!

I’m wondering if we need a snail diorama now…

[Also, any teacher that assigns a diorama to a kindergartner might have a screw loose… come on.]


Very creative font on this great looking diorama. We could get into a whole debate on how much input parents should have in school projects but it’s kindergarten so lighten up and enjoy.

My daughter loves it and loves being able to move the snails and play with it. It is overboard but there is nothing I do that isn’t…along with all of us glowforge users. Isn’t that what it is about! And yes her teacher was crazy, may have some screws loose and I so love her for it…I am all in for creative and crazy ideas. Thanks everyone for your input. I love this font by the way: Seventies


I guess I’m of the opinion that school projects should be something kids can do with some independence. I’m already creative, so I’d rather spend our crafting/making time together doing what we want instead of school assignments. Might just be me, though. :slight_smile: That’s nothing unusual.

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