Snap and Store Box Trial not engraving traced artwork

Hi, we’re just getting started and had no problem making the Ruler Key Chain. When we tried to cut the Snap and Store Box, we were able to add an image of a hammer from the image archive provided, but the name that we tried to trace and add did not print as you can see in the image below. Any suggestions as to how we get both the image (hammer) and the name (which we printed on a regular inkjet printer first and traced). We tried and failed on that twice. Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 1.11.22 PM Thank you!

See that gray bar overlay on the left side? That’s a “No Engraving” zone, and it changes based on how fast the head is moving. (Needs room to slow down at the sides.)

The name in your design overlaps that gray zone, so it won’t be processed. If you want to do all 3 parts of the design together, you need to shift all of them out a little bit so that they do not overlap the gray bar. (On either side.)


Also there’s a text tool in the UI, It’s much easier and crisper than tracing a printout.

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Notice how the design changes color from teal to pink, if it doesn’t light up pink it’s outside the work area.

Okay. Great. That’s very helpful to know about the “no engraving zone” and also to understand the changes in color from teal to blue, which we were wondering about. And regarding the tool in the UI–that seems like a great tip. We wondered about that after we made our second error. Thanks to all–we appreciate this!

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