Snap and Store Box


I just tried the brand new pattern in the library - but I wanted to do something in acrylic so I did that. It looks really cool, but 2 of the 4 legs cracked :frowning: There is glue in that box’s future!

Though, because it’s acrylic, I totally put the floor in with the Made in a Glowforge engrave facing up :slight_smile:


Yowsers! That looks sweet in acrylic! :grinning:


I’m having some alignment problems right and I don’t want to waste material… Can’t wait to try that design.

Thanks for sharing.!


Really nice ! Well done!


That looks great! Is that design in the catalog? I just looked and didn’t see it. . .


Wow! Were the cracks induced during assembly?


I’m not seeing a lot of what people say is in the catalog…I’m wondering if there is a secret catalog somewhere.


That one just got added as a freebie to our Dashboards yesterday - scroll all the way down to the bottom to see it - for some reason it showed up there in mine.


Mine showed up in the top left of the ‘dashboard,’ but only after I manually refreshed my browser:



After looking in the catalog I found it sitting on the dashboard. Printing it from pg cherry ply now


Perfect cut, perfect fit, perfect Box!!!




Thank you!


It looks like something you would store David Blaine in.