Snap Box

I am attempting to make a snap box but I am not doing very well. I have tried and failed so many times. Basically, I am attempting to put two pieces together that presses into another without nails or glue. This is what I mean by snap box. If anyone can be of assistance, I am grateful.

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Are you wanting to design the box yourself? If so, you will need to educate yourself about kerf. You can search for this in the forum. If you would just like to make a box that assembles without the use of glue, there are several programs that make that easy for you. Try or or


It would be nice to attempt it myself, this way if I cannot find what I am wanting then I would have an idea on what the heck I am doing. I have the idea in my head but I cannot get it on paper. It is so simple and that is the hard part.

Oh my, I just looked at those links you provided and WOW. I think they may work for me. I’ll give it a try. If I can make things work, I’ll post a picture. Nothing fancy at all, just wanted to learn.


Let us know if you need more help.


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