Snap fit windows


Lately I’ve been playing with using PG wood inset cuts with different wood and clear acrylic. I’ve been using the Inkscape Inset/Outset path command with a setting of .001in. With that tolerance I’ve gotten a really good snap fit without glue. It’s really important however to take the cone shape of the beam into account and mirror the design. In this example the red cut (outset .001in) is setup to be flipped and placed into the blue cut (inset .001in) from the top…

…this ended up working well for both wood and clear acrylic…

…I even had some fun adding windows to the Snap & Store Box from Glowforge…

Perfect fit, please help! :)

So you still do a small adjustment? (I’ll have to try that.) :grinning:


Yes, just make an object (and a mirrored copy) and inset the “hole” and outset the “insert” by .001in. In Inkscape you’ll need to setup the steps in preferences because the defaults are much larger than needed. :wink:


It’s also very important to set your tools in Inkscape to use Geometric bounding box…



Would you like to write that up as a little Snap Fit Tutorial that I can move into the Tips and Tricks section and link in the Matrix? (If you want to put it there, i think more people will eventually find it.)


Happy to write something up more formal for the Matrix. Would be good to hear if others have success using these settings to verify the process?


Oh, I’d just go ahead and write it up - folks don’t really tend to report back unless something doesn’t work. :wink:


This is awesome. Also, best university logo ever! I got my master’s there, but I would think so even if it weren’t one of my Alma maters. :wink:


Thanks so much for the info… looking forward to trying it. Wondering if there was any reason (in your above example pics) that you moved the blue (boomerang shape) out of the medallion? it seems that part cut out of the center of the circle is not used, why move the little blue shape?


No reason, I actually moved it inside using the GFUI. It flips first and is inserted before flipping the main logo into the disk.


Great method, thank you for sharing.


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At least it’s a brave, roaring snail!


Best laugh of the day so far…
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Thanks so much for adding the inkscape settings for inset/outset steps. That makes kerf adjustment SO much easier than how I’d been doing it (multiple steps involving strokes as shapes).


I love the Snap & Store Box! My wife wanted a gift for her Yoga instructor and a few quick mods later…


Really amazing work!! Thank you for sharing your information!

I haven’t tried inlays yet … this really makes me want to give it a go!