Snap marks or What to make this.....?

Hello my fine forged friends!

It is time to start working on the light for my Pool Table. in the old days with Pool table number 1 premarriage, I learned stained glass work to make a light. never made one becasue I couldn’t finalize the design. Now 18 years later, I have a much nicer table to say the least. AND I have a Glowforge! Sooooo

I want to laser cut my design, yet to be finalized on the 8 foot long side panels on the light. So do I do snap marks for each segment as I feed it through the pro slot or create a jig and register by Eyeball? It just occured to me I have to make the rolling table for BEAMER first. hmmm…

at any rate I still need to get this sorted out.

Thanks for the input!

Forge on!

If you have Snapmarks enabled, by all means use those. :slightly_smiling_face:
There’s a tutorial on how to do it here:

yes they are enabled. That’s what I wanted to now about. I have make the design first, and I figured that I will make the “internals” of the light in such a way that I can change the outer shell while it is hanging in place.

so if I ever feel like changing the light around I don’t have to move it to do it.

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