Snap together tool caddy

There are all kinds of tool caddy out there but I wanted one you didn’t have to glue it works great for all my small tools. I had designed it to attach a handle but I haven’t attached one as it is working fine this way but the to pieces parts are there if you want to.

tool caddy


The SVG file was missing the exterior cut lines

tool caddy 3a.pdf (17.5 KB)


Nice! Thank you so much!

Cool! I love practical items! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! Always good to have a new way to organize … especially when it doesn’t need glue! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Nice, organized caddy. Thank you.

Very nice, thank you!

Awesome, thanks!

Great practical cut. Love the way the slots work when putting it together!

Id like to see a side picture of all the slots used :slight_smile: I need to know what the open side slots are for! :stuck_out_tongue:

It was because my Execto knife has a cap and on the first draft the cap got stuck and I had to take it apart to retrieve the cap. I figured it would make it easier than taking it apart all the time.


I love this! Thank you.