Snapmaker 2.0 DIY Rotary

I realize that most people don’t have or care about the Snapmaker 2.0, but thought a few folks might be interested in the ability to create your own rotary tool if they were thinking of getting a Snapmaker for their shop. I did, however, laser cut the brackets for this on the Glowforge, as I’m not even sure the Snapmaker laser is powerful enough to cut through thick acrylic. I had originally jumped on the Snapmaker kickstarter because of the CNC capabilities and the official, yet-to-be released rotary tool. There is a 3D Printed Y-Axis DIY rotary mod posted on Thingiverse, but I thought I could create my own using the Glowforge and other parts I ordered. Here is the result, version 2:

Here is an instructable with the details:


Ok, that’s sexy.


Don’t have a Snapmaker, but that looks awesome


That is an excellent practical build, and definitely sexy!

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