Snapmark "Vinyl" Decal testing

BAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Don’t yell at me! It’s not vinyl. They’re actually polyester or something. :kissing_heart:

Kay, so a friend of mine asked for some help with a gift. I got 3" diameter water bottles from him, which of course don’t fit in the 'forge. So, my idea was to do some decals. Did some research here and ordered these puppies from Amazon after getting the MSDS from the company that makes them. I printed up the logo, with some Snapmarks for alignment, and had a pretty great experience with it. That is, after I figured out that the marks need to remain oriented the same way as they are in the design without rotating it in the Glowforge UI. The “vinyl” (BAAAAHHH!!) stickers are made for outdoor usage, so I’m hoping they’ll be okay in the dishwasher for a while. Also, wasn’t sure how the laser printer ink stuff would hold up, sooo… Here’s my proof of concept bottle to send through the wash:

It’s a little messy 'cause I’m still working on settings and didn’t use transfer tape (and I missed the “D”), but the vector cuts match well with the laser printed stickers.

Anywho, I looked around a bit and found some settings on the spreadsheet to get me started, but if anyone has any tips for working with vinyl… I mean polyester or whatever… on the Glowforge, let me know. I’m looking for a cleaner cut, mostly. I’m also getting burn-through on corners and sharp turns. The goal being to kiss cut through the sticker, but not the backing.

Also, any aesthetics tips would be useful if ya got 'em. I can’t change the logo, but the cutout choice or sticker shape or maybe some other things. Just in case it isn’t obvious, the letters in the cube are cut out to show the bottle through.




Well, it survived the wash just fine.

I ended up kiss cutting this stuff on 150 speed and 1 power. The alignment was very close, but Snapmarks are still in beta. It’s off by something like a sixteenth of an inch or less. Also, I wish it wasn’t quite as jagged. Might slow it down just a touch more or something. Here’s some photographs:

You can see the visual alignment off in this photo. It uses some Glowforge symbols from both the item in your bed and from the design to align your job. Pretty easy!

Here you can see the actual cut alignment off just a tad.

I’m not actually sure how to tell if this is a machine issue or a Snapmark beta issue. Either way, works better than it did before, and I expect it to keep improving!

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Here’s a better view. Pretty close, but I could do a bit better and the cut alignment could be just a tad more accurate.


this is awesome! so frustrating we can’t cut vinyl in our machines. I get it though. What were your best settings used?