Snapmarks and CerMark

Love the Snapmark feature. I made a template for multiple thumb drives and used CerMark paint. The results were just what I wanted. The thumb drives are from (20 to a box, 16GBeach)


Looks great, how durable is the etch?

Not taking anything away from Snapmarks (I wish I had them) but you can do the same thing with cardboard just by cutting the template first. I’ve been doing wooden thumb drives this way for some time.


Template without Snapmarks work but require a physical relationship with a hard surface inside the unit. Or they could be recut every time you use one. Plus the crumbtray can move. A 1/32" error is easily visible on precision work. Using Snapmarks you can make the template once, and place it in the unit without worry whether the crumbtray has moved. Some of my jigs are too tall for a crumbtray and with Snapmarks I can drop the jig in the unit without any alignment.


Also wish I had the snaps :slight_smile: for now I use a jig that is put in a certain place on the honeycomb. but yeah the snapmark allows you to just drop a jig in and if its tilted by 4.523 degrees to the left it will pick up on that and snap the artwork in place. I dream of that day. :confused:

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Those thumb drives came out great! Now somebody needs to come out with anodized aluminum ones so you wouldn’t need the Cermark. Probably somebody already has.