Snapmarks scans markers and then head bangs into home corner

I posted this in the Snapmarks topic, but I see other Snapmarks posts here, so I’ll put it here also to try and get some attention.

So I just started trying to use Snapmarks and I’m having a weird issue. I’m not sure whether to post it here, or in the Problems section. I’ll put it here and see what happens I guess.

I printed out the fudicial ruler, and it was sort of working, but I thought maybe I was having a scaling issue. So I pulled down the “official” Snapmarks svg and made my own ruler. Just a 90 degree angle with a pair of Snapmarks on the long arm.

But now my machine is behaving oddly when I tell it to scan for the Snapmarks. Here is what I’m seeing:

  1. Turn on the power. Machine centers head as usual, then sends it back to the corner.
  2. Upload the design. Set the thickness to the thickness of the Snapmarks ruler (three thicknesses of proofgrade fiberboard to make it close to the thickness of the object I’m engraving.)
  3. Focus changes in the GUI as expected.
  4. Click on the Snapmarks button.
  5. Machine scans and locates the two Snapmarks.
  6. Head goes back to home in the upper left.
  7. It thinks about it for about 15 seconds and then the head starts banging into the upper left corner.
  8. Artwork does not align at all, print button says “Ready.”

This has happened three times in a row. I’ve powered down the machine, twice - once for more than an hour (cooked and ate dinner.) Still happened. You can look in the logs for the time period just before this post (7:45 ish CT)

Any ideas?

As an additional data point, someone replied to my original post and said they were seeing the same thing. So…

You’re unlikely to get any response from Support on this since it’s an unsupported beta feature at this time. Probably best off closing this off and sticking with the proper post in the Snapmark thread.


That’s right, @Tom_A, thanks for the answer. The Snapmark team monitors the official Snapmark thread for posts like this so they can improve this beta feature.

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