Snapmarks video tutorial - paper dolls


  • Using the new Snapmarks feature to get perfect alignment for cutting paper.
  • How to use Illustrator to make paper dolls by adding cut lines to existing artwork.

Please to enjoy.


Great video! I am wondering after watching that, who I need to bribe to get that feature on my Glowforge? I could be using it right now on the stuff I’m working on.


This is a fantastic demo of the Snapmarks feature! I also learned a lot about auto tracing, working in isolation mode, and cleaning up layers and swatches in Illustrator.


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Oh, good. It takes so much set up to start these projects, I end up recording at 1AM and I feel like the result is less coherent and focused than intended.


For at least the next week I’ll be looking for any excuse to incorporate the term “layer hygiene” into my conversations.


Thanks, this is really informative–though I’m sure will need to watch a few times to absorb it all (and is as much a lesson on using Illustrator as how SnapMarks works)!

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I wonder when I will get the feature unlocked (if I get the chance to do so)

Thank you This is very helpful! I can’t wait to get this feature!

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Thanks for the video, makes lots of sense and helps me play with Illustrator more. Plus I would absolutely LOVE to have this feature… any idea when it’s going to be released to everyone???