Sneaking up on the Wedding list

Earrings for the ladies (need three more designs), humidors for the gents (6 total), and some coasters I did for the shower.

The ladies also get engraved wooden hangers with their name, role, date, and location - yet to be accomplished.
Where have I been? Painting the whole #@*% interior of the house including wall repair and top to bottom cleaning for the shower.
I was compelled to thank those in attendance for giving me a motivation to get off my well-fed behind and get after it.


Oh, your designs are fantastic! (You know we all expect the full run down with a ton of pictures after the event, right?) :grinning:


These are all so great! Must say though, the humidors are my favorites…SO classy! I love how you did their names/initials. You have very fine taste, my friend. Folks will be in awe when they see all of them!


I’m in awe.

Glad to see you keeping busy. :slight_smile:


Those are Gorgeous! I’m sensing a tropical theme. How about starfish, flamingoes, palm trees for your next earring designs.


Three excellent suggestions!

Yes, Montego Bay Jamacia, one of the few islands in the Carribean we haven’t visited/dived.

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Wow! You have been very busy! Very nice work! Amazing what a Glowforge can do for an event!

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