Snow Globe Ornament Design

Hey Folks,

As promised, here is the SVG for the Snow Globe Ornament I posted yesterday. I altered the design slightly to make it easier to fill and seal. Instructions below. Enjoy!


  1. Cut from 1/8" and 1/4" acrylic as indicated by the text in the file. Note: if the text loads when you upload the design to the GFUI, be sure to set it to Ignore. It’s just there for labeling purposes.

  2. Place the 1/8" acrylic piece with the knob on top on your work surface, and using acrylic glue, glue the 1/4" acrylic piece to it with the engraving side down (facing the 1/8" piece). Be sure to seal all the edges with acrylic glue so it is water tight.

  3. Glue the snow bank with snowman inside the acrylic ring on the bottom. Glue the greeting (“Let It Snow” or “Merry Christmas”) face up above it, and glue the snowman’s hat on top his head.

  4. Take some glitter and swirl it around in water (might even add a micro drop of detergent to clean it), then drain off the water leaving damp glitter. Place the glitter into the ring area close to the bottom of the ornament. The water is to keep it from flying all over the place while you are working with it.

  5. Glue the 1/8" acrylic circle on top with acrylic glue, and make sure the edges are all well sealed.

  6. Do not fill the ornament yet!

  7. Make a silicon plug in the channel (don’t extend it into the ring area or you’ll never get it out) from silicone caulk or silicone mold making material. Let it cure completely.

  8. Pull out the plug and fill the snow globe via syringe with water to which a small amount of glycerin has been added (this slows the movement of the glitter a bit).

  9. Put the silicone plug back in. You might be able to do some permanent gluing at this point. The presence of water keeps most moldable materials from curing, so it’s iffy.

  10. Decorate the ornament hanger part with metal tape or wire to hide the fill channel.

Enjoy! If anyone makes one, I’d love to see it.

Update: changed one of the stroke colors to reduce confusion.


Thanks so much for sharing the files - I’ll definitely be giving it a shot! This is such a neat and innovative project!


Such a neat design!


Thank you so much for the detailed file and directions! WONDERFUL!!!


So generous of you to share. I love the thought processes behind this one. Very cute!


Thank you!! Great design. Kind of you to share!

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You are soooooo creative! Thank you for sharing your file and for doing such a nice write-up.

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