Snow Tire Tags - Practical Cut

So each winter, when I swap the snow tires on or off my car, I rotate them as well. I had been using painter’s tape to mark which location each wheel came off the car so I can put them back on in the rotated position the next time. The painter’s tape doesn’t last very long and sometimes falls off. Duct tape would probably leave a residue on the wheels. And when one has a glowforge, well… this was the result.


Ooh that’s a brilliant idea!


Great idea!


What’s a snow tire? Hmm, after last Christmas in Austin maybe we’ll need to start importing them.


Cool project and a stroll down memory lane for me. Mom and dad arguing about when to put the snow tires back on. Fun stuff.


Very unique use! Great thinking!

That’s why I’m lovin’ AZ. Moved from northern va and got snow blasted the last 2 years there. Although the first winter here, we got hit with snow, huge flakes, I was extremely perturbed! But it didn’t stick to any concrete, so no shoveling necessary. I will admit the wash next to our house looked gorgeous!

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