⛄ Snowman earrings

My pleasure. Fun to make.

So cute! My cousins will love these, thank you.

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I have tried cutting these adorable snowman earrings.
I’ve used Glowforge wood. Did this 3 times and everytime I do the earrings fall apart.
Any suggestions please?

How/where are they falling apart? Are you scoring the lines and if so which setting are you using. Are you flipping them and doing th other side as well?

Is this your design? If so, may I make some earrings for sale?

Officially no, designs posted in the forum are licensed for Personal Use Only. The pertinent paragraphs from the Forum Guidelines are listed here:

If you decide that you want to gift your designs to the world, you can post them in the Free Laser Designs section of the forum. If you post designs anywhere in the forum, other users can use them in accordance with these details: https://community.glowforge.com/t/about-the-free-laser-designs-category/.
This is an act of great generosity! Thank you, and please express your gratitude to the people who choose to do this.

Some designers will work out a paid license with you though if you want to PM them. Be sure to get it in writing to protect yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much!

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Love them. So cute.

Cute… Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you using hardwood? Despite the name, it isn’t strong enough for earrings. Try some of the plywood instead. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! I made some out of clear frosted acrylic and engraved the bodies to make them show up more white. I made them 1.5" tall each and also used some paint pens and painted the scored parts and they came out real cute!Snowmen


Very cute. :blush:

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Better than anything I’ve made! That’s awesome

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Thank you for sharing

These are really cute! Thank you

I’m feeling really stupid. Can you identify which layers are cut, score, and engrave? It looks like the parts that should be engraved (eyes, mouth, scarf) are cutting with the outside. Thanks

I went in and changed colors on the individual parts to be able to get it to cut, score and engrave on mine the way I wanted.

Luv them in acrylic too

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Stinkin" Cute!! Thanks

So cute! Thank you!