"Snowman Puppet"

So late last year a friend of mine who is a costume designer reached out and asked if I wanted to collaborate on a project, one of the local schools was doing Frozen JR and he wanted to know if I was interested in helping create a better, more professional looking puppet for the production.

Now my background is in CAD design and CNC programming and I worked for a major animatronics company for several years I was familiar with basic puppet design.

We ended up with a single actuation point, just mouth movement as these were fairly young actors, the actuation was driven by a bicycle brake lever accessible through the back of the head and brake cables to open the jaw and springs to return it to a closed position.

The head and body were separate pieces and they were connected with elastic shock cord so it would have some “bounce” between the two sections.

Basic 1/8 MDF from amazon was used to keep costs low and the buttons, eyes, nose, and eyebrows were 3d printed and then painted, both resin and FDM printers were used.

Everything with the frame was put together using superglue and then the printed parts were bolted on so they could be removed if need be.

You can see everything was split into multiple pieces to be able to nest everything together into fewer sheets of MDF, each one had a number or letter on it to be able to easily identify which piece it belonged to as a lot of them looked similar.

After everything was put together and tested he went to the costume designer to add some “snow” to the surface, he and I got a selfie while he was there.

After the finishing touches he spent his time in the limelight on stage!

Hope you all enjoyed one of the ‘small’ projects I’ve done with my Glowforge!


Welcome to the forum. You have been holding out on us for all these years!

I love everything about this project. Thanks so much for sharing it. Please don’t let your first post be the last.


I mean… I’ve been on here since the preorder days, just haven’t taken the time to type out and show a project, that’s my bad. :smiley:


Wow, awesome project and first post! And Happy Cake Day! I had spent a few years making costumes for school musicals, and I’m super impressed with your work, and with the person who added the “snow.” I wish I had my GF when I was really involved. It would’ve simplified a ton of projects.


This is really impressive and I agree; you’ve been holding out on us all. Fantastic work!


Awesome! I’d love to see a video of it in action.


Fantastic and inspiring, thanks for sharing! That finishing work was top notch.


That’s amazing!!


Really cool to see something different from the usual earrings.

If I asked myself “what’s inside something like that”, I would never have guessed at the Glowforge-created structure.


Ab fab project, and I think I’m going to steal your connector design, that looks all kinds of solid!

I love that it look like you just gave him a black eye in this pic :stuck_out_tongue:


This is AWESOME!

Undoubtedly the star of the show!


Feel free to use it, just a “Puzzle Piece” type connector to keep the angle between the sections correct.

The “black eye” was from putting felt behind the eyeballs to give some separation between the white of the snow and the white of the eyes, we ended up using black felt over the sea green that was in that photo.


Your experience and skill are well displayed here. They would be a valuable asset to the community, we could learn a lot from you!
Thanks for showing up and sharing that great work. :sunglasses:


What a delightful post!! I love Olaf! Spectacular work!


That is awesome! One of my favorite characters.

This is just amazing. Thanks for sharing your process and product!!