So excited! Got my email!


I received the golden email today! Have a lot of work to do getting my space ready. Making plans to use my glowforge (Dougforge) and three 3d printers to start a makerspace/classes for adults with disabilities. In my community and experience (son Avi 28 years old with intellectual developmental disability) if we give people the ability to express themselves, they blossom. I know many adults who can use the unique ability of the Glowforge to transform a hand drawing into a piece of art or product that they can be proud of and share with there peers and family. How powerful can that be! Oh and I also want to make things. I think money can be made too, so I can enhace my idea with other tools. Lots of ideas and look forward to communicating more on the forum for support and inspiration. Doug


Excellent Doug!
Enjoy your adventure into laser land. :sunglasses:


Awesome! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of great plans for it. :grinning:




Thank you!


Absolutely. I love that this is your motivation, and wish you every success with your venture.


I am so impressed. Congratulations – I think you are about to expand on the great things you are doing.


That is awesome @dougwolfson!! Best of luck with the makerspace!!

I’m a 3D artist by trade, so if you need any help or advice for projects, do not hesitate to ask.


I can’t think of a better use of a GF! Thanks for sharing your exciting makerspace plans. I can’t wait to see what you guys make, don’t forget to share all the Dougforge creations with us :heart:


Congratulations! Good reminder: I still don’t have a name picked out…


What a wonderful plan! Looking forward to seeing your posts!