So excited... New family member!

We are so excited to show the world our newest family member. Our 1930 Singer 29 K51 patcher. Our goal is to one day have it powder coated red and have it pinstriped.


I have one as well. They’re great machines and can see through even the toughest leather. I recommend moving the wheel to the front. Makes it a lot easier to move by hand when you’re working on details.

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Already done. Just took pic as soon as he unloaded it this morning! Then moved the crank. Our young boys are so excited over this. Funny they show more excitement over this than the old train ride they went on last year. have a feeling our Pfaff 145/545 hybrid is going to get jealous.


Ours is 1930. What year is yours?

This will cause a 20% increase in speed on anything.

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We just talked to a guy today about red flake and pinstripes!

Cerca 1920-1930. Don’t know exact year.
The machine is a beast. I think it will outlive me.


That is so beautiful!

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