So Flipping Good


I experimented a bit this weekend with adding designs to objects.
I found these maple turners at Dollar Tree and threw together a quick saying to engrave. I’m pleased with how it turned out!


Oooh! Great idea for the Sunday morning pancake breakfasts! :grinning:


I have some that are bamboo I engraved. Some of them were a pain to line up the text. Yours looks great :smile:


Nice! That’s a nice table, too.


Haha! great! I did mine yesterday but because of the profanity I didn’t post them here.


Thanks! It’s actually a walnut lazy susan with hard maple bowties I made for my wife a couple of years ago using only hand tools. I’m not a hand tool guy usually, but wanted to challenge myself.

I’m sure you’ll laugh every time you use them.

Thank you! Yeah, I actually wanted to give them one more pass. This was two light passed, and I would have liked it to be a little deeper/darker. However, I was trying it out without masking. Then, when it finished, I didn’t move anything and I wanted to run it once more, but at least on the GFUI, it looked way off. I decided not to push my luck. Would it have been ok? I had not moved anything (material or design in the GFUI) Even though on screen it looked off, would it have aligned properly?



Nice find, and good job.

I have to second it … Love your lazy Susan … Your wife must have been thrilled.


Yes, it should be. It always looks that way and it always works for me. There are some corner cases where it won’t, but generally speaking yes.


She was…I managed to keep it a secret…wouldn’t let her go in the shop. ha ha
I gave it to her for her birthday.


Ok. Good to know from someone with more experience than I have with the Glowforge. I will need to do some testing for myself, but good to know it will generally work.