So I did a tile

I finally did a tile, and it was so satisfying. Especially since it “melted” into a gorgeous black.
Used speed: 400, power: full whack, converted to dot and 450 lines per inch.

de aquatilibus_BW.pdf (323.8 KB)


Very nice!


Yeah, that got great lines! We could make our own kitchen accent tiles for the backsplash. (Except for the whole ripping out the existing backsplash thing…) :smile:


… reminded me that I got to do that backsplash (after all I’m living here for 10 years now) :roll_eyes:


We put our last one in about 3 years ago - it’s a pain in the tush. Next time, we hire someone. :smile:


Sound advice since our motivation isn’t the highest to do it ourselves. :sweat_smile:


I just love the detail you got here!


that is a vicious looking fish…:no_mouth:

Looks awesome!


A really nice one!

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What sort of tile did you use, if I might ask? that is quite cool.

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Well, I actually went to our local OBI (DIY store) and bought the cheapest ones I could find. They are Czech glazed ceramic wall tiles.
15x20 cm = roughly 6x8 inch

Need to do some tests to see how the tile reacts to different settings.
When I used full speed and just 5%, it was hardly visible.

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It’s been my experience, and I’ve had quite a bit now, that different types/brands of tiles respond differently. I found one that turns black beautifully, but others are practically invisible without filling the engraving afterward. I even found a green one that turns a light purplish color.

Unfortunately, I don’t really know for sure how to go about finding more of the ones I like, because so far, I’ve picked up what I do have from the Habitat for Humanity Restore outlet, and 1.) they only have what they have, and 2.) it’s never marked with a label. Sometimes, it will have something on the back, like a touchmark, but those are mostly generic, as far as my google-fu has been able to determine.

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The one I bought is also a generic tile with a country-stamp on the back and some random numbers so tough luck finding that one if the DIY shop doesn’t have it anymore. I’d like to try different types of tiles to see how they react because I never expected mine to turn out as it did. Damn that they are so heavy and they only sell them in packs, not single tiles. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :slightly_smiling_face:

I have actually been able to pick up singles at Home Depot and Lowe’s, but you’re right, they mostly sell them in packs.

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Very nice! The color that comes through the glaze probably depends on a few factors, like base material used to fire it . You probably aren’t breaking through the glaze. Very good work! There are companies that sell ceramic tiles with laser engraving in mind, that turn various colors when etched. This gives me a few ideas!

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Hogfish! Nicely done!!

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So how did it let into black? Did you coat it with something?

no, the tile naturally turned that colour. I guess it has to do with the glazing. since it was the cheapest tiles on offer I think I didn’t do bad :slight_smile:

I know this is out of left field, but if I sent you some money would you be able to send me like 5 tiles? I’d really love to experiment on them, so I can decipher what properties allow the glazing to turn black. Thanks!

You do realize the OP is in Austria, right?

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