So I finally went into harbor freight


About a month ago I posted hopeful of the opportunity presented by a harbor freight opening in the next town over.

I finally got opportunity to go in there yesterday.

I got 3 of those packs of Eva foam, a beltsander, belts, some gloves, a bunch of trigger clamps, and a new toolbox.

Then I headed over to Lowe’s for some thin PVC pipe and some rubber cement.

Can’t wait to show you what I’m making next!


It’s gotta be a workbench for your Glowforge!


No, I think it’s Cosplay - something out of Dr. Who, like those guys with pipes instead of ears.


I already got a nice heavy duty table for it!


Getting warmer, but not Dr. Who.




If I didn’t see the poster, I would have guessed this was @Jules shopping list… :flushed:


Not cthulu either!


No,no, no…I’d have gotten five packs of the foam.
(And you left off the assholes, the CPVC, and the purple Weld-On primer.) :wink:


They only had 3 left.


I’m sure that is some kind of tool, right? I might have to rephrase that too :wink:


I’m guessing autocorrect kicked in here, in a weird way.


I saw it and started giggling as 1- that’s not her normal language and 2- it can be scarily accurate when you’re being fought by contractors trying to get through while on a time clock.


Or did it? LOL

I’m sure you’re right. :wink:


I can’t for the life of me figure out what she meant to write but I’m sure that wasn’t it :fearful::joy:




Chuckle! That’s actually the name of it, it’s not an auto-correct. It’s a small plastic ring used to center a pipe inside a wooden hole. (Did i mention that our sales agency deals with plumbing wholesalers?)

The plumbing industry has a lot of colorful names for their bits and parts. :wink:


I was doing a lot of piping design when the “net nannies” started getting installed at work (many years ago now).

You should have seen me explaining to IT that “nipples” was indeed the name of a part. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to explain this term too :slight_smile:


They can’t ever place an order for them without snickering about it either. Chuckle! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My current project isn’t using the PVC pipe for anything other than as a support beam, so no need for assholes or anything else. :wink: