So, I needed a 3-inch wrench

I like your solution better. :sunglasses:

@jamesdhatch,that never occurred to me. I’ve had difficulty with those large nuts and channel-locks because I would get an iron grip with them and by doing so bind the nut by distorting it. Took me a bit to figure that out. :roll_eyes:


Sometimes using the handles is a better approach even if the jaws open wide enough. The handles are long and straight and you can slip them up the length so you can get a good but not nut distorting grip on the nut. The handles are usually plastic coated too which helps.

The other sometimes useful solution is to use a C or a bar clamp on opposite sides of the nut if you can get purchase on it. A bar clamp gives you leverage. Of course if you’ve got no room the C clamp or channel lock wins.

I’m all for using the correct tool but sometimes you have to improvise. And I didn’t have a laser in the basement last time I needed to do that :smiling_face:



I’ve been dying to need to do this! SO cool!

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I am mentally storing this one away for future use, as I am always working on the house and have run into many occasions when I don’t already have the “just right” tool handy. Nice work!