So, I needed a 3-inch wrench



We’ve all been there. You need to do a bit of maintenance or make a home repair so you gather your materials & tools, get halfway through it and — dammit! discover you’re missing a tool you absolutely cannot do without. :rage: So, off to the local big box store to waste an extra 90 minutes in travel and shopping time. This happened to me today while fixing a leaking flush valve. When I dismounted the tank and flipped it over, discovered I need a 3" wrench to get the @#$! locknut off. :confounded:

But wait a second… I have a frickin’ laser! 20 minutes, three objects drawn in Illustrator, and a hunk of 1/4" ply later, I had a wrench!

At this point, my wife came in to see why I was laughing maniacally, grabbed her phone, and shot this:

Problem solved? Almost. When I went to tighten the new locknut, I discovered it was 2 1/2" :expressionless:

So, back to the Glowforge to add (subtract?) a 2.5" hex for tightening…


Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this lately, but…

I :heart: my :glowforge: :exclamation:

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Faster than buying

Gotta love Yankee ingenuity! :sunglasses::thumbsup:


Very smart use of your resources.


That would be a cool bumper sticker :slight_smile:

Well done with the tool. That is one of those use cases I have this machine for too!


This is ingenious ad hilarious. :squee:


Awesome McGyver!


Sweet. Which reminds me I should to the same thing for that #@^%@%^ drain valve on the bottom of the compressor. Only been thinking about it for 15 years.




awesome use to make a wrench. I know exactly what you were working on as I have recently done the exact same type of home surgery. I used an oil filter wrench


I love how after breaking it loose you were compelled to continue using the wrench for another 2 1/2 turns, jus cuz… :sunglasses:


I’ve done this with trace too - traced the nut to make a wrench. Super cool!


Worth the price of a Glowforge to hear the cackle of success.


So cool. This is just great!







Oh yeah, the cackle was the best part!


Gives new meaning to the phrase…“Here’s Johnny!”


I’ve used the handles of a long channel-lock pliers for that before - just capture opposing faces between the long handles instead of the jaws. Worked fine because it wasn’t a super-tight torqued fitting.

But, with a laser… :smile:


I’d like to think that would have eventually occurred to me…