So many keychain stands

I’ve been getting requests for different versions of keychain stands lately to add to all my other ones I made in the past so there is a variety of unique ones for each business type.
So of course I didn’t want to let anyone down since we all sell keychains out of scraps for the extra pocket change. With these new ones made I think I’m up to 15 different versions with there own unique twist and that’s not counting the ones that comes with multiple varieties/customizable options in one.

I made them all to work with 1/8 proofgrade medium plywood materials and pressure fit. The only glue needed is the ones with the name plate fronts but all joints are pressure fit tight.

If you’d like to make your own stand for your keychain scraps I have the files for all of them on either or if it helps.

If anyone was curious what the older versions look like I will add them here too so they are all in one place:


A nice selection! Hope they do well in your shop.

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Thank you. If not that’s ok too. Just making them to help people who wanted the original designs and to give some options for people who maybe looking since a lot of people sell keychains at fairs and what not lol

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Lutherhill… My 4th grade english teacher…the one who made the biggest impression in my childhood…Was Mrs. Luther Hill. Her husband, Luther, had passed away, but she still went by Mrs. Luther Hill. Loved that woman.
Great projects, btw.


I really like the offset hex!


Sorry for your loss.

Thank you. I like this one a lot too. It’s kinda out there and different then the usual and wasn’t sure if people would like it as much as I do. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it

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You’ve been busy! Great selection!


Thank you. Yes I’ve gotten back into it for awhile. It comes in waves when I get spare time lol.

I love the new ones. How much do you charge for one of these puppies?

It really depends on what materials are requested. But it’s mostly cuts so doesn’t take much time.